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  • Focused DWI defense attorney
  • Former prosecutor for today’s defense
  • Up-to-date with the latest technology in breath instruments
  • 27 years of experience on your side
  • Impeccable reputation among court personnel, prosecutors and judges
  • Highly personalized attention

27 Years Of Experience With DWI/DUI Cases

Have you been charged with DUI/DWI in St. Louis County? If so, you are well-aware that there is a lot at stake. You could be facing a wide range of severe and life-altering penalties, including jail time, costly fines, the loss of your driving privileges, and a permanent criminal record.

Because of this, it is absolutely critical to choose the right defense team to represent your case. I am attorney Carl J. Civella, and I dedicate over 27 years of experience (including time as a prosecutor) to fully assisting my clients. Call me today at 314-727-2886​ and schedule your free initial consultation!

Protecting Your Rights And Helping You Understand Your Legal Options

In the aftermath of an arrest, you may feel like you are at the lowest point in your life, and not know where to turn to or what to do. Unfortunately, many individuals who have been arrested and charged with DUI/DWI feel that they have no other choice but to quietly accept a conviction and the resulting consequences. However, regardless of the specific circumstances surrounding your case, you still have rights and legal options available.

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Whether you are facing charges for a first offense DWI, felony DWI or have a prior offense already on your record, I can provide you with an aggressive defense you need.

I have experience as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer, giving me the in-depth knowledge of how both sides approach such cases. I pride myself in my ability to anticipate and plan a counter to the prosecution’s arguments. Learn more and schedule your free consultation by calling me now at 314-727-2886!

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DWI/DUI Defense
Avoid a conviction and save your driving privileges

Criminal Law
Representing clients in traffic and criminal matters throughout the St. Louis County area

Personal Injury
Millions recovered for clients injured in auto accidents and more

Experienced DWI Attorney In St. Louis County

Carl has a proven track record of getting favorable outcomes in Missouri and Illinois DWI cases, and is a former prosecutor with over 27 years of experience.

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Proven DWI Results

St. Louis college student pulled over for speeding 21 mph over the speed limit on her birthday, and eventually arrested for DWI. Police officer stated that she passed the One Leg Stand test and had a speech impediment diagnosis. Carl Civella used these facts to his client’s advantage.


Retired man from South St. Louis County faces first offense for DWI after leaving River City casino. Man was pulled over for weaving, and admitted to drinking beer throughout the evening. Only horizontal gaze nystagmus test was given.


Sales Manager at a well-known retail establishment leaves a Clayton bar and is pulled over for not turning on headlights. Only one field sobriety test was given due to her battle with rheumatoid arthritis. Eventually she was arrested for DWI and faced losing her license for one year.


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I recently was pulled over for speeding in Frontenac at a very high speed. All the lawyers I called said that Frontenac is very strict on traffic tickets and it would be very difficult to get it moved down so no points would be added on my license. Mr. Civella informed me he had much experience with the prosecutor, and that he would be able to help me due to this. Not only that, but he was also the most professional lawyer I called. He explained the most about the procedures, usual outcomes of these situations, and overall provided me the most information compared to others I called. He was slightly more expensive than other lawyers, but he made me feel the most confident that everything was going to be fine and was worth every penny, as he got my ticket moved down to an illegal parking violation and I did not have any points put on my license!
-Ethan Biehl

I received a DUI in Illinois around June of 21. I have never gone down this road and I was pretty scared to say the least. I live in Las Vegas and was disheartened and worried I wouldn’t be able to find representation out in Illinois, let alone QUALITY representation. Upon finding Mr. Civella’s firm on the internet I made a few calls (to his firm and some others) but received a prompt response from his staff. That spoke volumes to me and at the end of said phone call I was truly soothed. 

From the very beginning Mr. Civella himself spoke with me directly (which meant a lot more than I can convey). He also informed me of the processes, potential outcomes, and even kept me hopeful Throughout the few months’ long endeavor. He gave me a list of things to complete that could potentially help my outcome and in me doing so, was able to help put this mess behind me. I did not have to travel back to Illinois in person for anything and I am also so grateful for that. I cannot stress how worried I was about trying to take care of this out in Illinois while living and working in Vegas. Finding his firm I believe was nothing short of a blessing. At no point did Mr. Civella seem inadequate or unresponsive to my questions or concerns, and I wish more lawyers operated as he does. 

I greatly wish he practiced in my state as I would happily recommend him to every person I know.

Thank you Mr. Civella AND TEAM

Carl was very quick to get me an answer about my case. He got the issue resolved quickly. Highly recommend him.
-Megan Berg
Carl Civella went above and beyond in regards to my situation. Throughout the whole process he was very professional, kept me informed every step of the way, and really took the stress away. I highly recommend Carl for your attorney needs. He truly exceeded my expectations and I am very grateful for him!
-Marissa Williams
Attorney Carl Civella is very professional and very nice. He has done an outstanding job with my case and worked very fast to get the best results. I recommend anyone with traffic cases (big or small) to contact him right away.
-Jasmine cotton
I needed help with a speeding ticket very last minute, so in my search for an attorney I messaged three traffic law attorneys. Mr. Civella was the first to call me and he called personally, not an assistant or associate. I told him my situation and right away he put my worries at ease and made a plan to help me. We spoke on Wednesday and by Monday my ticket was handled. I highly recommend Civella Law not only because of the efficiency, but also because of the comfort and guidance they provide. This was my first ticket and I was really overwhelmed, but Mr. Civella handled everything with such ease. I will absolutely go to him if I need any legal help in the future!
-Stephanie Baker
Carl Civella went about and beyond for me and my case. He made the process as smooth as possible and kept me informed every step of the way. I can’t thank Carl enough for all of his help and hard work. He truly went beyond my expectations! Thanks Again.
-Chelsey Nizick
I would recommend Carl Civella to anyone needing legal representation When one needs an attorney it is usually not under the best of circumstances however Carl is compassionate and patient He explained every step of the process and is always there for you!!! He is an excellent attorney!!!
-Jean Reiner
The law firm was recommended to me by a friend and I could not be more pleased with the service I received. Quick, responsive, clear communication, and transparent interactions concerning possible outcomes. Highly recommend.
-Nicole Vaux
I have been using the Civella Law Firm for a number of years now and am extremely happy with the service and professionalism continually offered. Carl is a great guy and has been in the business for a long time leading to favorable outcomes on your behalf.
-Aaron Poole
Attorney Civella is a miracle worker. I highly recommend Mr. Civella for any and all minor to significant traffic, DOR, property damage, misdemeanor, felony, or criminal matters. I have had the benefit of using his services on 4 separate legal matters that could have significantly affected my life. In situations where there could have been sentences of several years in prison, on each count, and was scared to death prior to retaining him, Mr. Civella gave me hope and saved our legal lives through his amazing work on multiple criminal cases. Mr. Civella worked magic and brought a successful conclusion. He works diligently on behalf of every client. Carl is conscientious, meticulous, has incredible attention to detail, uses smart lawyering/negotiating, and his relationships within the courts and with judges are invaluable. I could not be more pleased to have received the benefit of his representation and of his unbelievable ability to to obtain successful outcomes for his clients. I HIGHLY recommend Carl Civella.
-Melissa Thomas
Carl helped me thru a not so good situation took the stress off me. He got me the best outcome I got to keep my driver license. He worked with me talking to me on my lunch break I work full time it’s the only time we could talk I am sure it was his lunch hour also. He is well recommended. Thank you Carl!
-Keri Arvin
I contacted Carl with a traffic issue that occurred in Illinois. I spoke to him on a Friday and he had it completely resolved the following Monday! He absolutely will go the extra mile for you. Look no further than The Civella Law firm.
-Jim Hendershott
Carl really is a miracle worker even during this pandemic. I had 2 different cases and they were handled within a week with the best results one could ask for.
-Tee A
-EarthJustice Blossom
I can’t speak highly enough of Carl and how well he took care of me. He exceeded my expectations. You’d be hard pressed to find an attorney with more legal expertise than him.
-Kyle Rooney
Mr. Civella and staff are very attentive and provide excellent consultations. Mr. Civella’s expertise in many different practice areas can save you a lot of money. Mr. Civella represented myself in a manner that was outside of his expertise, or so I thought. Due to his: forward thinking, consistent follow up by his assistant, and overall calm demeanor, Mr. Civella was able to save me a lot of time, hassle, and money. If you get yourself into a challenge, I’d highly recommend Mr. Civella and his team. PS: it’s not a good idea to exceed the speed limit, it’s a better idea not to really exceed the speed limit.
-Mark VanRonzelen
Outstanding legal expertise. Speaking from experience, Carl Civella is an absolute professional and a pleasure to work with. I could not have been more pleased with the legal outcome he was able to obtain for my traffic issue. Highly recommend this firm.
-Josh York
Thanks! He is on par. Fab!
-Danica Tanner