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Aggressively Fighting To Restore Your Driving Privileges

It is hard to handle life’s daily obligations without being able to drive a car. This is especially true if you have to commute long distances, you have small children who need to get to school, or you drive for a living.

If you lost your license because of a suspension or revocation after a drunk driving or DWI charge (whether or not you were convicted), you may have options for having your driver’s license reinstated. As your DWI attorney, I can provide you with aggressive defense to mitigate the consequences of this DWI so you can protect yourself now and in the future.

Contact my office to learn more about driver’s license suspensions, revocations and reinstatement in St. Louis County, Missouri and Illinois DWI cases.

Reinstatement Requirements

Having your driver’s license reinstated after a single DWI or after multiple DWIs is not an easy task. There are costs associated with many of the reinstatement requirements.

For a full driver’s license reinstatement, you will need to get SR-22 insurance, which is a type of insurance for high-risk drivers. You will also have to pay a $45 reinstatement fee and complete the Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program (SATOP).

Mitigating the costs of reinstatement begins with DWI defense. Having charges reduced or charges dropped by challenging the evidence against you is a crucial part of this process. Still, the administrative options can provide a way for you to move on with your life after a DWI.

For Help Getting Your License Reinstated, Contact Me Today

As your lawyer, I will work with you through every stage of the legal process to find the right options for you. I will help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of different defense strategies and aggressively stand up for your rights throughout the process. To discuss your options, call me at 314-727-2886 or fill out my online contact form.

*Whether you refuse or take the breath test, I will challenge the Department of Revenue in an attempt to save your license.