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Were You Charged With DUI In Illinois?

I am a licensed DUI attorney in the state of Illinois. Please call my Edwardsville office at 618-650-8454. I have offices in both St. Clair County, Illinois as well as Madison County, Illinois.

It is extremely easy to be charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in Illinois. In fact, your car could be turned off and you could still be charged with DUI. If the arresting officer believes you are impaired because of alcohol or drugs, he or she can charge you with DUI — even if your BAC is below the legal limit.

Put Experience To Work For You Fighting Drunk Driving Charges In Illinois

At The Civella Law Firm, P.C., I understand that the social, legal and financial consequences of a DUI could affect you for a long time. With more than 27 years of criminal defense experience, I will do everything I can to help you fight DUI charges in Illinois. Contact me to schedule a free consultation to begin protecting your rights.

DUI Can Have Serious Consequences

Even the first DUI conviction could seriously impact your future. Your license will likely be suspended for one year if you are convicted, and there could be additional criminal penalties. You could be:

  • Jailed for up to one year
  • Fined up to $2,500
  • Required to perform community service
  • Required to attend Victim Impact Programs or other alcohol program
  • Fired if you have a commercial driver’s license

Compassionate, Aggressive Criminal Defense

As a former prosecuting attorney, I have been on the other side in the courtroom. I know what prosecutors look for in drunk driving cases, and I know how to find the holes in their arguments.

I welcome your questions, and I will give you personalized attention throughout your defense. My main objective is to help you avoid a conviction. In order to do this, I will:

  • Challenge evidence
  • File motions on your behalf
  • Study any available arrest videos
  • Review the arrest report for policy errors
  • Investigate the arrest scene
  • Analyze the maintenance records of the breath testing equipment

As your lawyer, I will do everything I can to make sure that you understand your rights and how I will protect them. Together, we will craft an aggressive defense against DUI charges.

When you need compassionate, zealous defense in Illinois, contact me at 314-727-2886 to schedule a free consultation. I am available at my office in St. Louis County, Missouri, from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., but I schedule flexible office hours by appointment.