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Experience Defending Drivers With Prior DWI Offenses

Have you been convicted of DWI, received a chemical refusal revocation, or an administrative suspension of your license one or more times? If so, your license may be revoked for a longer period of time. Prosecution is going to try to use your prior record against you. Missouri state law now exposes a prior offender to a minimum mandatory 10-day jail sentence.

Having an attorney on your side can significantly impact the outcome of your case. As your attorney, I will put you in the best position to avoid a conviction and keep your license. With more than a quarter century of experience in criminal law and a record of success in St. Louis County DWIs, I have helped countless people minimize the impact of multiple DWIs. You may possibly avoid a license suspension altogether.

To arrange a consultation and discuss your options for DWI defense in Missouri and Illinois, call me at 314-727-2886 or fill out my online contact form.

Driver’s License Consequences For Prior DWI Offenders

If you have been convicted of DWI a second time, you are exposed to a five-year loss of license. If you are convicted of DWI a third time, you are exposed to a 10-year loss of license. One or more prior alcohol enforcement contacts would certainly change your eligibility for a limited driving privilege and requirements for reinstatement. Installing an ignition interlock device would most likely be required.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, it may be possible to reduce your charges from DWI to a lesser charge. Every DWI counts, and every piece of evidence is important.

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