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A Missouri DWI raises auto insurance rates by more than 60%

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2023 | Criminal Law |

Getting behind the wheel under the influence in Missouri leads to notable legal consequences. It also has a substantial impact on auto insurance rates. A Driving While Intoxicated conviction can trigger a series of repercussions that extend beyond the courtroom, affecting a driver’s insurance premiums and coverage options.

Understanding the relationship between a Missouri DWI and auto insurance rates is important for anyone navigating the aftermath of such an offense.

Heightened risk profile

Auto insurance companies assess risk when determining premium rates. A DWI conviction elevates a driver’s risk profile. From the insurer’s perspective, individuals with a history of driving under the influence are more likely to get into accidents, leading to costly claims. Consequently, insurance companies adjust rates to reflect this increased risk. This leads to higher premiums for drivers with a Missouri DWI on their record.

Insurance premium increases

An immediate and tangible impact of a DWI is the spike in insurance premiums. In Missouri, drivers with a history of DWI may experience a substantial increase in their auto insurance rates. The precise amount varies based on a driver’s history, the severity of the offense and the insurance company’s policies. Other factors may also come into play. However, most drivers can expect a significant financial burden as a consequence of a DWI conviction. reports that the average Missouri motorist with a first-time DWI sees auto insurance rates rise by 64%. This amounts to an annual increase of about $829.

Policy cancellations and non-renewals

Beyond premium increases, some insurance companies may opt to cancel or non-renew policies for drivers with a DWI. This decision stems from the perceived high risk associated with such individuals. In these cases, finding alternative coverage can be challenging. Available options may also come with higher premiums. The combination of increased rates and limited choices underscores the long-term impact a DWI can have on a driver’s ability to secure affordable auto insurance.

Recovering from the impact of a Missouri DWI on auto insurance rates requires a commitment to rebuilding a positive driving record. While the effects of a DWI may persist for several years, maintaining a clean record and demonstrating responsible driving behavior over time can gradually lead to a reduction in insurance premiums.